Research Interest/Specialty


An, Pi Yun

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Department of Mass Communication, University of Southern Mississippi

Sport communication, TV program proposal writing, Cultural globalization

Chen, Mei Ho

Assistant Professor

Ph. D. Art Education

Art Creation /Cultural Assets

Cheng, Sophy

Association Professo

Ph.D. in Communication,
Wayne State University

Media & Society, Public Relations, Intercultural Communication

Hsu, Wei Che


Master of Arts

Film and TV production, Broadcasting journalism, Public service broadcasting policy

Kuo,Chao Lan

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Department of Communication,

University of Missouri-Columbia

International Advertising, Advertising Research, Cross-cultural Communication.

Li, Yu Ching

Assistant Professor


Political Economy of Communication, Communication Law, Journalism, Broadcasting News, Communication Theories

Lim, Yu Ching

Assistant Professor

Ph. D. in Mass Communication Korea University, Seoul Korea(2005)

Communication Sociology
Market Socialism & Media
International Communication
The Korea’s Media & Cultural Industries

Lu, Nan Hu

Assistant Professor

Doctor of Design

Animation, Computer Graphics, Digital Editing, Aesthetics, Computer Visual and special Effects 

Ma, Li  Chun

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Candidate 

Department of Telecommunication, Indiana University, Bloomington  U.S.

Entrepreneurial journalism, New media marketing, TV news production, Communication law and policy, Community health communication

Chi, Wen Chang

Assistant Professor

Ph. D. in Art Creation and Theory, Tainan National University of the Arts

Documentary Production, Documentary Film Studies, Film Theories, Taiwan Cinema Studies