About the Department

Introduction to the Department

The department started in 1995, the first of its kind in polytechnic system of the R.O.C. The department was originally named “Television and Film” and provided the most current curriculum of its time in television and film.

The department was successful and quickly expanded. In 1997 it was renamed with its current title: “Communication Arts” to reflect its growing diversity. It now provides courses on Journalism, Advertising, Television and Film Production, and Computer Animation.

The Department of Communication Arts now provides two programs, a full-time 4-year daytime course and a 4-year evening course. The daytime course is aimed at high school graduates to learn the cutting edge technologies and methods in the communication market, while the evening course is open to experienced professionals with a desire to continue their professional education.

The Department of Communication Arts currently has around 750 students (including foreign students) and 11 faculty members and 3 staffs. The department has state-of-the-art facilities, including advanced studio equipment and two screening rooms which can accommodate 150 people each.

The Department of Communication Arts not only possesses an outstanding faculty and first-rate facilities, but also combines teaching methodologies that give equal attention to theory and practice. Students trained in the department have both the technical and artistic skills that communications personnel need today. It truly attains the educational goal of both technical and intellectual excellence.

The Department of Communication Arts provides practical experience and a background in the humanities to its students through class lectures, internships, and hands-on training. Under these advantageous conditions, students are exceptionally well-prepared for actual industry requirements after they graduate.